K.S. Initiative is a society registered under Society Registration Act of 1960, Reg. No-S/RS/SW/1463/2016. The area of operation of society is in Delhi. The management of the society is entrusted with a clear vision and goal oriented governing body. The Society providing services mainly in the areas of Public Grievances And Healthcare, Research and Market Survey and media awareness, Pharma Companies/ Medical Representatives, Education Development Programetc.

On The other hand the society is also serving as a Common Service Centre (CSC)-a strategic cornerstone of the Digital India program. CSC are the access points for delivery of various electronic services, thereby contributing to a digitally and financially inclusive society. As a CSC, K. S. Initiative is proving as a change agent – to promote rural entrepreneurship, enable community participation and effect collective action for social improvement.

The major types of services that are provided at CSC are-G2C Communication – All G2C (Government to Consumer) Communication including Health, Education, Agriculture, Human Resource Development, Employment, Fundamental Rights, Disaster Warnings, RTI, Information dissemination – Interactive kiosks, voice & Local Language Interface, including web browsing, Edutainment – Including multi-functional space for group interaction, entertainment, training and empowerment,e-governance& e-Services – Transactions like Market (e-Krishi)Information, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Post, e-Forms to request government services, etc., C2G Kiosk – Grievances, complaints, requests and suggestions,  Financial Inclusion – Payment for NREGA, etc., Healthcare – Telemedicine& remote health camps have also been envisaged as part of the CSC’s extended functionalities.

The overall objective of K.S. Initiativeis to integrate the twin goals of IT Awareness and social services, into a sustainable business model for achieving rapid socio-economic change in the society